Out-of-State Patients

Out of state patients are not allowed to buy cannabis from the RI compassion centers or appoint RI caregivers to provide MMj for them.  The Rhode Island Medical Marijuana Act protects MMj patients who are visiting from out of state from arrest and prosecution if they possess a valid MMj license from another medical marijuana state and they do not possess more than 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana. 

Keep in mind that Rhode Island law does not protect patients from federal authorities or law enforcement in other states. Rhode Island law cannot protect patients as they travel to and from Rhode Island.

Out-of-State Doctors

A physician licensed in Massachusetts or Connecticut can sign a Medical Marijuana Program application for a patient who resides in Rhode Island. The Rhode Island General Assembly amended the MMj Act in 2009 to reflect the fact that some RI patients receive medical care in the neighboring states.

The physician must have a bona fide physician patient relationship with the applicant. The Health Department has established minimum standards for physicians who sign applications that include a review of one year of medical records, a physical examination, and an ongoing relationship where the physician sees the patient at least once every six months.